Last modified: 28 November 2022

Usage Metrics

Your privacy is important to us. We collect the minimum usage information needed to improve our product and user experience. No data is linked outside of the and domains. We do not buy or sell data about our users.

What we track

When you use our services, the following metrics are automatically collected:

Usage information

We collect information about how visitors navigate within our web domains, such as the pages you view, session information, and the data and time of each request. This information helps us evaluate the effectiveness of our information architecture and identify usability issues.

We also track command line usage of the git-xet extension, collecting telemetry on what commmand line arguments are used by which usernames. This allows us to understand how users are using our service, so that we can prioritize features and tune performance.

Device information

We collect information about your machine, such as IP address, browser or client information, OS and kernel version, memory available, and total system memory. This information helps us understand the typical machine configuration of our users.

What third party services we use

We use the following third party services to help us collect and organize usage metrics:

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about our metrics usage, please contact us at:

XetData, Inc.
999 3rd Ave, 34th Floor
Seattle, Washington 98104

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