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The core of our culture is based around the reasonable person principle: everyone is reasonable, everyone expects everyone else to be reasonable, and when we disagree, we respectfully learn from each other to resolve issues together.

The Zen of Xet

As a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, we all have different perspectives. How constructively we move forward from conflicts defines who we are as a company. Building trust in the people who surround us allows us to create an atmosphere of responsiveness and self-reflection, while leaving room for differences of opinion. These values guide our behavior.

People First

Work-life balance can be a challenge, especially at a startup. We will always prioritize your health, and that of your family, above all else.

Insane Customer Focus

Think from the customer viewpoint and don’t settle for just good enough; build and deliver products that our customers love.

Empathy and Candor

Communicate openly, directly, and respectfully. Be transparent and provide constructive feedback, both positive and negative.

Intentional Inclusivity

Prioritize providing all stakeholders opportunities to be heard in decisions that involve them to build team trust.

Make It Happen

Build our product and our company like it’s yours, because it is. Do what you feel needs to be done to help us succeed as a team.

Share and Celebrate Success

When you win, we all win. Motivate each other and take the time to celebrate our successes together, both in life and work.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Personal and professional growth is in our DNA. Continuously retrospect to evolve ourselves, our company, and even our culture together.

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