Why XetHub

XetHub enables ML scientists to instantly use and collaborate on terabytes of models and data. Streamline your path from prototype to production with guaranteed provenance and reproducibility.

Efficient reproducibility

Use XetHub as an object store that provides unlimited history at unprecedented scale. Rewind and replay to your heart's content.

The past is a piece of cake

Store historical dataset snapshots performantly with minimal cost. Access historical data just as quickly as current snapshots.


Master model management

Store ensembles and fine-tuned models efficiently by letting XetHub’s fine-grained deduplication optimize your upload, download, and storage costs.

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Instant access to huge files

Slow downloads are a thing of the past with XetHub mount and Pythonic streaming APIs. 

Accelerate reads from anywhere

Explore terabytes of data and models in seconds with streaming file-system access.

Personalized performance

XetHub’s massively horizontally scalable cache architecture enables wire-speed access when deployed in your datacenter.

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Collaborate with confidence

Never have to worry about accidentally overwriting or deleting other people’s work.

Effortless copies

Clone terabytes of data instantly. Collaborate on instant private forks or copies of arbitrary large datasets with no friction.

Unlimited undo

Time travel on any dataset and any model. Easily retrieve the exact version of a dataset used at any time in the past.

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Data and model exploration

Automatic summaries, custom visualization, and lightning-fast data access - grok the data and models to start working immediately.

Visualize Everything

Built-in CSV summarization allows you to understand your data at a glance. Easy Streamlit app deployments for everything else.

Reveal Revisions

Time travel on your visualizations. Easily compare past and present data to see how your data has changed over time.

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Simplify your ML workflow today

Stop juggling multiple tools and streamline your workflow with XetHub.
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