Delivering and maintaining dashboards is a team sport, requiring coordination between Analysts, Data Engineers, Developers, and more. Use XetHub for end-to-end AnalyticsOps, ensuring full observability for your whole team.

Introducing: Tableau Workbook Sync to XetHub

Connect your Tableau site to XetHub for Git-backed versioning and visualized differences.

Robust tooling for reliable dashboards

Sync your BI tool assets for automatic versioning and flexible development.

Rewind to any dashboard in the past

Automatically track every change for easy reversion and recovery. Easily see who updated what in one place.

Visualize your versions

Compare dashboard differences within XetHub for quick context without downloading every version.

Seamlessly collaborate

Branch and review to parallelize development, combining the ease of BI tools with Git-based collaboration.

Dashboard development done right

Dashboard development done right

Connect your Tableau Cloud account for reliable backups and understandable reviews.
Contact us for cloud or on-premise enterprise deployments.