“As we performed our technical evaluation of XetHub, we found that it scaled well as our repo sizes got larger. It was easy to adopt and required almost no training for the engineers on the team.The usage-based pricing model makes it easy to align our costs with system utilization, unlike some other models based on team size.”

Daniel Maturana

Co-founder and Chief ML Scientist
Open case study


reduction in repository size and transfer time


data silos eliminated by switching to XetHub


cost savings over using EBS, Git LFS, and DVC

All features

Go from data to insights fast, no matter the method.

Time travel

Mistakes happen. With infinite time travel, you can recover with ease.

Difference tracking

Easily see how your work has evolved over time.

Big data friendly

Never worry about outgrowing your platform again.

Instant repository mount

Stream data without download time or local storage space.

Managed storage

We handle the storage so you can do the important things.

Explore and visualize

Gain insight from your data with custom views and dashboards.

CSV previews

Automatically generated profiles to help you understand large data.

All major OSes supported

Use the tools and devices you already have.

Other applications

Feature store

Organize experimental features in branches. Stop wasting expensive GPU time to recreate features over and over again, and leverage advanced deduplication for efficient storage.

Model and data catalog

Easily store and access various versions of data and models, complete with metadata and pull requests. Organizational controls, access audit trails, and more for complete visibility.

Experiment tracking

Collect all your files across all sources in one place without fear of losing the originals. Add metadata to mark sources and changes for built-in provenance and reproducibility.

DVC or Git LFS replacement

Version control that works with existing workflows, with intuitive file tracking and native Git commands. Save money and bandwidth with automatically deduplicated transfers and storage.

Simplify your ML development today

Stop juggling multiple tools and streamline your workflow with XetHub.
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