Use Cases

XetHub enables engineering and science teams to innovate, collaborate, and accelerate their existing development processes. By scaling Git, XetHub makes everything related to code, data, and models better.
See how XetHub can accelerate your work below.

Model iteration and development

Keep everything organized, without additional effort. Stay in the flow with free branching, remixing data, generating new features and aggregates - while knowing you won’t lose your work.


Generative AI app dev and deployment

Keep data, embeddings, prompts, models, and code all in one place. Go from idea to deployed app in hours, not weeks. Leverage LLMs & foundation models easily. Fork a sample project and go!


Data and model exploration

Automatic summaries, custom visualization, and lightning-fast data access - grok the data and models to get working immediately. With mount, we’re talking seconds, not hours.

As we performed our technical evaluation of XetHub, we found that it scaled well as our repo sizes got larger. It was easy to adopt and required almost no training for the engineers on the team.

The usage-based pricing model makes it easy to align our costs with system utilization, unlike some other models based on team size.”
DANIEL Maturana


reduction in repository size and transfer time


cost savings over using EBS, Git LFS, DVC

Other Applications

Feature Store

Keep experimental features around in branches, stop wasting expensive GPU time recreating your features over and over again. Leverage advanced deduplication for efficient storage.

Model and Data Catalog

Find the right data and model yourself. Don’t waste time rebuilding an existing dataset. With organizational controls, full auditing, and more.

Git LFS or DVC Replacement

Simpler project management (no more brittle file tracking), significantly faster (block deduplication, efficient storage), and typically much cheaper than paid options.

Data Exploration and Curation

Conveniently collect all your data across all sources in one place without fear of losing the originals, while using metadata to mark the source. Track how every piece changes and evolves.

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Delightful collaboration on code and data at any scale.

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