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Model Iteration

Train and deploy ML models faster. Simplify your ML workflows by storing your code and data all in one place.
How Gather AI Accelerated their Model Iteration Cadence with XetHub

Streamline Your ML Workflows

Find, create, consume, and explain ML models. Git with the scale of S3.

  • Store your code, data, and models together in one repository
  • Streamline model deployment using Git
  • Keep all the context and history around your model iterations in one place
  • Keep using your existing continuous integration workflows to train your model

We rely on computer vision and ML to deliver on Gather AI’s mission. XetHub has enabled our ML team to be more productive, collaborate efficiently, and iterate quickly.”

Daniel Maturana, Co-Founder and Chief ML Scientist


reduction in repository size and transfer time


data silos eliminated by switching to XetHub


cost savings over using EBS, Git LFS, and DVC

Create ML Models Faster

Most ML teams use GitHub for code and store their data somewhere else. It’s inefficient and error-prone, and the development process is further bogged down by slow programs and large volumes of data.

XetHub brings data and code together, enabling fast, seamless collaboration in a Git-enabled environment at scale.

XetHub can replace Git LFS, DVC, and EBS in an ML development workflow, allowing engineering teams to manage code, models, and metadata in lock-step. This speeds up model development while decreasing the risk of error.

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Model Development Journey

By tracking a project’s data and code together, using Git, you have context around the model’s evolution. XetHub lets developers use familiar git and GitHub paradigms to track changes, get feedback, and explore projects.

This makes asynchronous collaboration easier (helpful for remote teams) and makes it easier for developers to explore and ramp-up on new projects fast.

Integrates with Your Existing ML Workflows

Rather than having to move all your workflows to adopt a monolithic platform, XetHub works within your existing developer workflows and supports any filetype of any size.

Stay in the “flow” with free branching, data remixing, and generation of new features and aggregates - with the confidence that you won’t lose your work.

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