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Data and model exploration

Unlock hidden data and model insights in one place with XetHub. Transform your big data exploration experience at any scale.

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Automate data summaries

Use our intuitive interface to quickly understand large datasets.

Powerful sketching algorithms that can statistically summarize data in one pass.
Instantly calculate and visualize the min, max, mean, median, and top-N values for your data.
Preview summaries of CSV, JSON, and Parquet (coming soon) files directly in the web interface.
Summarize model weights and hyperparameters as a CSV.

“We rely on computer vision and ML to deliver on Gather AI’s mission. XetHub has enabled our ML team to be more productive, collaborate efficiently, and iterate quickly.”

Daniel Maturana

Co-founder and Chief ML Scientist
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reduction in repository size and transfer time


data silos eliminated by switching to XetHub


cost savings over using EBS, Git LFS, and DVC

Lightning-fast data access

Get your data from any environment in seconds.

Xet mount provides a read-only view of any repository based on custom NFSv3 server implementation.
No need to spend compute time on data transfer. Find out if a dataset is useful without downloading it.
Align local and production environments easily.
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Custom visualizations

Stay up-to-date with the data in your repository. Visualize it on-demand and render it in your browser.

Help your team members understand data with interactive visual context.
Supported file types: CSV, TSV, JSON
Supported visualization formats: Vega, Vega-Lite
Available extensively for datasets. Custom visualizations are available for model parameters and weights.
Support for Netron model visualizer (coming soon!)
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More features

Time travel

Mistakes happen. But with infinite time travel, you can recover with ease.

Difference tracking

Easily see how your work has evolved across branches and commits.

Big data friendly

Never worry about outgrowing your platform again. XetHub can handle petabytes of data.

Instant repository mount

Access large data like its local without worrying about download time or local storage space.

Managed storage

We handle the storage so you can do the important things.

Explore and visualize

Easily gain insight from your data with custom visualizations and interactive dashboards.

CSV previews

Automatically generated profiles to help you understand the large tables in your data.

All major OSes supported

Use the tools and devices you already have.

Simplify your ML workflow today

Stop juggling multiple tools and streamline your workflow with XetHub.
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