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Choose the plan that works for you. Share your work for free or develop in private with simple usage-based pricing.

Create in public, no credit card required
Unlimited public and private repositories
No individual file size limits
Unlimited collaborators
Unlimited storage for public repositories
20 GB deduplicated storage for private repositories
Unlimited transfer for public repositories
40 GB data transfer for private repositories
Community support
Private and secure development
Everything in Community, plus:
50 GB deduplicated storage for private repositories
100 GB per month transfer for private repositories
Volume discounts as usage scales
Email support
2 day response SLA
Advanced controls for your company
Everything in Pro, plus:
Audit logs
SAML single sign-on
Full VPC or on-premise deployments
Dedicated cache clusters
Provisioned I/O and bandwidth
Custom integrations
Dedicated account manager
24 hour response SLA

See the cost savings

Compare costs for private repository storage across versioning tools, assuming no deduplication.

50 GB
100 GB
250 GB
XetHub Community
XetHub Pro
$5 *
$10 *
$25 *

* No support for individual files over 5 GB

All features

Explore all our features and see how they can help you — and your team get from data to insights fast, no matter the method.

Time travel

Mistakes happen. But with infinite time travel, you can recover with ease.

Difference tracking

Easily see how your work has evolved across branches and commits.

Big data friendly

Never worry about outgrowing your platform again. XetHub can handle petabytes of data.

Instant repository mount

Access large data like its local without worrying about download time or local storage space.

Managed storage

We handle the storage so you can do the important things.

Explore and visualize

Easily gain insight from your data with custom visualizations and interactive dashboards.

CSV previews

Automatically generated profiles to help you understand the large tables in your data.

All major OSes supported

Use the tools and devices you already have.

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