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“As we performed our technical evaluation of XetHub, we found that it scaled well as our repo sizes got larger. It was easy to adopt and required almost no training for the engineers on the team. The usage-based pricing model makes it easy to align our costs with system utilization, unlike some other models based on team size.”

Daniel Maturana

Co-founder and Chief ML Scientist
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Build with confidence

Version data, notebooks & models together

Instead of including some files in your .gitignore, simplify your workflow by confidently versioning all files in your repo.

Branch, build & remix for free

Use familiar version control ideas like branching and forking, but additional copies of the same data are completely free.

Share apps & notebooks with 1 click

Share notebooks with your coworkers and securely deploy Streamlit / Gradio apps with 1 click using XetHub capsules.

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Accelerate your development

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Make your data work for you. Move your files into XetHub to quickly access them from any tool, any machine, anywhere, making it easy to develop to your heart’s content.

Use all your local or remote tools without writing a single line of streaming code.

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Iterate at lightning speed

The fastest, smartest way to iterate on models and data is PyXet + XetHub.

  • Lower storage costs with built-in block-level deduplication
  • Automatic versioning on every write
  • Speed development with quick transfers on incremental updates

Augment your workflow

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Open and collaborative

Use our open-source PyXet package to interface between XetHub and your existing storage.

Write to and read from XetHub in your ML workflows for lightweight experiment tracking and guaranteed provenance.

Simplify your ML workflow today

Stop juggling multiple tools and streamline your workflow with XetHub.
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