When we launched our public beta in December, the very first issue filed against XetHub was an ask for Windows support. Today, we’re excited to announce that XetHub now supports Windows environments in addition to MacOS and Linux!

Desktop screenshot of XetHub running on Windows
XetHub now supports Windows!

With our v0.8 update, engineering teams on all operating systems can use XetHub to store code and large data — of any type! — in a Xet repository of up to 1TB. We make it easy to instantly access huge repositories from your desktop with our mount functionality, while automatically tracking the provenance of each file with a platform that scales to support the needs of modern development.

Windows support is currently in preview mode with some known limitations. Follow our installation instructions to get started now!

Other Updates

That’s not all. We’re always working to improve your experience across all platforms.

Fast MacOS installation

Unexpected Homebrew updates slowing down your MacOS install? We hear you! XetHub installation no longer requires Homebrew. Follow our instructions to download and run our .pkg for a quick and painless installation experience.

XetHub has a MacOS installer package now

Improved File Preview

Several of you asked for better ways to understand big files through the XetHub UI. Our latest release adds automatic 5MB previews of CSV files in both repository and difference views.

Desktop screenshot of XetHub summary web view
Improved File Preview on file summaries

What’s your use case?

We’re here to help you make the most of XetHub’s features. Grab some 1:1 time with a member of our founding team to learn how XetHub can apply to your workflows, or just to share feedback on our latest updates. Windows users, we’d love to hear from you!